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Get it? Instead of spammY it's spaMEE. Heh.

Anyway, this is a post where you can spam me with as many caps as you like, and I'll see which ones I can/want to icon! The only catch is that the caps you give me must be from fandoms I list in my interests. Obviously there's actors/actresses in my interests too, so feel free to link to pics of them as well. ;) There is no limit to how many pictures you comment with, I just ask that

a) Give me links, don't code the images. I don't have dial-up, but still, that'd be a hella annoying.

b) They aren't SUPER SUPER small, and try to get HQ pictures/caps. If you can't that's okay, but I'm not icon-ing pictures/screencaps that are mega digital. 'Cause, ew. Hehe.

Spam away!
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