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Mandy,Grace,Amber & Anj's Icon Journal

Icon/Graphic Journal

LoganLilly___Be: Icons & Graphics community
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Originally this was my icon community alone. But I decided to let my friends Amber&Grace share it with me. We have now allowed people to join this community but post access is still off. Only friend or join if you'd like to come back and see our other stuff. K thanks!

Uses Photoshop CS2.(and used 7 & CS)
Veronica Mars. One Tree Hill. MUSE. Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
ANGEL. Friends. Rachel&Ross. ZOEgirl.
Walk the Line. Tru Calling. Jessica Simpson. Flyleaf.
South of Nowhere.

Uses Photoshop CS(and used 7)
Family Force 5. Flyleaf. One Tree Hill. Paramore.
ZOEgirl. Tru Calling. Degrassi.

Uses Photoshop CS. (and used 7)
Veronica Mars. Angel. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Serenity. Firefly. Charmed. Lost.
Grey's Anatomy. Gilmore Girls. Heroes. One Tree Hill.

Uses Photoshop CS
One Tree Hill. James Lafferty. Sophia Bush. Veronica Mars.
Kristen Bell. The OC. Adam Brody. Rachel Bilson.

tubrute foolsforlove mkdesigns ohfrak
artbybeppergirl doubletrouble__ xxxfallsapartxx

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Our Tutorials

--Don't hotlink! upload the icon to your own server or photobucket
--Don't change any of images that are already made
--Credit if bases are made and you use them
--Credit the icon maker or community (loganlilly___be) in key words
--Don't bash any fandoms or people
--You can give advice but be nice about it
--Nominations are great but place links to where you are nominating an icon and which icon you are nominating. We like to know where our icons are going.